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21 April 2012
" If in your opinion your body will stand to take the pill two times a week, than you should take the daily course." - I didn't quite understand this sentence. It means that not all people can stand this dosage twice a week. Then how can they take a daily course? Isn't it too dangerous? My husband has problems of this kind and I'm trying to find some information on the Internet.
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19 July 2012
My age is 62 and I have ED and high pressure of blood. I failed during the last three years trying all the medication that is available on the market. My doctor proposed to take a Cialis 20mg pill. After half an hour, I was feeling young and could do a lot like a teenager. This tablet is unbelievable like sex that I am having.
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27 July 2012
From two medicines, I choose Viagra. The beginning of action for Cialis is too long, in my case it is three or six hours. The strength is worse that Viagra's. It gives me minor side effects, like headache and stuffy nose. If you compare these two medicines for the speed and the quality of erection, I like Viagra better than Cialis.
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01 August 2012
For the first time I took the medicine, it gave me an effect that was lasting for 3 days. I was thinking about taking a less dose, so it will help to save some money.
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11 August 2012
I took a half tablet of 20 mg of tadalafil in the evening and the second half of the pill the next day. The effect lasted for about 2 days and really liked! No side effects.
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24 August 2012
I had problems with having long lasting and hard erections. My first experience with Cialis was last month and it was a pill of 10mg. I really like the medicine and I don't have any side effects. The medicine lasts for more than 24 hours and it is easy to take it.
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06 September 2012
The medicine is awesome! I recommend taking a 20mg pill instead of 10mg. You can be sure that the erection will take place when you take a 20mg pill.
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15 October 2012
During the last year I have been taking a 20mg pill of this medicine. I realized that the effect is better when you take the pill with food that has a lot of fat. The action goes during three days and there is no inconvenience to finish the sexual intercourse. I didn’t have any side effects, except a slight headache one time after first day of treatment.
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15 November 2012
I tried this medicine two times and both of them were great! I had doses of 10mg. The effect was during 48 hours and I didn’t see any side effects.
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18 March 2016
Has anybody noticed their erection dosen't feel natural? Mine feels hard and numb.
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