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22 June 2012
For the last two years, I was taking this medication. Thanks to it, I feel calm and light-hearted. At the time when I didn’t take this drug, I was very nervous and angry, there were periods of depression in my life. Life had changed for me after this medicine, I became better person, friend, and a husband.
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24 June 2012
I started to adore Sertraline, the moment I began to take it. I had so many irritation and dullness in my life before it. It is easier for me to live now and to my family. I don’t feel the sickness anymore. There were some side effects that appeared fluently like enmity to sex and anxiety. There were no other side effects. It would be better if one of them was loosing weight!
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16 July 2012
Today is the day when I began to use this medicine. I already have hypothyroidism and hypertension and they both give me the gain of weight, so I have a hope that when I take this medicine, it will bring benefits. I do sports a lot and at the moment my weight is 168 lbs.
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18 October 2012
This drug is the best! After taking it during three months, I had grown this in thirty pounds. I hope I will never gain them!!! The target for me is again 30 or 40 off. Of course I have side effects, but you need to know how to overcome them!
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08 January 2013
I see the results after taking this medicine for a week. I don’t have 8lbs any more. It is interesting for me what will I get after I take the medicine for a couple of months. The only thing I do is a morning exercise two times a week. I am really thankful to this medicine!
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02 April 2013
It is already one year since I started to use this medicine. I can't imagine what the reason of my bad thoughts is. They are very real and bring me too much anxiety. After a year now, I have improvements. Nothing makes me too angry. The medicine helped me to become a better father and husband. There were no bad effects that I experienced.
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