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27 March 2012
My child was prescribed Amoxicillin because of the sore throat. But I have heard that using antibiotics can cause dysbiosis. Should I give my daughter kefir or other sour milk products to avoid it?
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27 March 2012
Victor I think you'd better give sour milk products to your child in order to keep the intestinal microflora healthy. Give the child as much liquid (tea, juices, milk) as possible. And if you started treatment with antibiotics, give it for at least 5 days.
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22 June 2012
I would like to thank the producers of amoxicillin. I had a pharyngitis - the temperature was 39-40. The pain in the throat was so strong that I could neither speak nor swallow. I usually try to avoid antibiotics, but this time I had to take Amoxicillin. The effect was startling. 2 days later there was only a mild sore throat, which a day has passed. Thank you.
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28 October 2012
I was sick with bladder infection before. The day didn't end, but I began to feel much better. It makes me realy happy because the disease didn't let me live my normal life during 6 days. The result is incredible since I didn't have any side effects, because I had horrible reaction when I took Cipro. This is good that my condition is better after other medicine.
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