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25 March 2012
You explained everything concerning food allergy. I liked the article. Have you heard about Dr. Strelnikova breathing exercises? Does it help if you are allergic to the blooms? Spring is approaching and everyone is happy but I am terrified beforehand. Absolutely no wish to go out.
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01 April 2012
Please help me! My husband has herpes, but it is not clear what type. There were three doctors who held a different treatment but nothing helps. First time he was injected - Tsikloferon seemed to help, but after 6 months period, when he decided to use Tsikloferon again, it didn't help. Different medications were prescribed but they did not work. (Cycloferon, Likopid, Famtsiuklovir, various ointments). Can you please tell us what to do, how to get rid of it!
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04 April 2012
My son is 5, he does not eat raw vegetables, fruit and cottage cheese. Can he "outgrow" this feature? In addition he has an allergy to medicine in syrups and antibiotics. Our allergist, though he has done all specific tests, cannot tell anything. He prescribed ketotifen for prevention. But it doesn't help. Do we have to contact a gastroenterologist?
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04 April 2012
My baby is 2 months. He is in the mixed feeding. He has red scaly patches on the cheeks, red pimples on the neck, and a crust on the head. The diagnose is "allergical dermatitis." Treatment: "Advantan", "Triderm", "Bepanten." The instructions to drugs say:contraindications for children under two years old. Isn't it a very severe treatment for a baby?
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08 April 2012
For several years I've had a strong allergy to alcohol. The symptoms are: the redness of the face, red spots on the upper torso and arms, shortness of breath, and the heart rate - under 200, and vomiting. This reaction is absolutely unpredictable! It may occur, or may not. Does anybody know some blocker that I can take before drinking alcohol?
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07 May 2012
The illness occurs when I am nervous or when I do something physical, i.e, when the heart beats harder and when it gets hot...The whole body starts itching. The doctor said it was an allergy and prescribed Zirtek, I was taking it for one week, but no results... This allergy occurred to me three years ago, appeared only in winter, and this year is particularly harsh and hurts me every day, I even wake up at night because it becomes too hot and I start itching even in a dream... I do not know what to do.
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