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06 April 2012
chronic constipation I am 56. Because of the main diseaseI take antidepressants (according to the scheme). I am suffering from a chronic constipation for 9 years. How can I improve the performance of the intestine, by which scheme?
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06 April 2012
Can I have a stomach ache from emotional stress? And then in such cases is it better to take analgesic, or sedative?
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07 April 2012
Can I use the sports nutrition (weight gainer, protein) after removal of the gall bladder? For example, after six months of compliance with all diets? And another question, how long after surgery should I keep out of training in the gym and the martial arts section. Can I go to the swimming pool and run around in the evenings?
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08 April 2012
Many parents believe that a child who has attained the age of three, does not need a special menu - (s)he can have the same thing as his parents, but, of course, in other quantities. Is it true or not? Can I give seafood to my child?
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07 May 2012
Good morning! I am 17 years old, I am always I tormented by flatulence. And the sounds are so loud that they could be heard by those who are near me. I do not know what because I feel uncomfortable. Can you advise me please, how to deal with it. Thank you very much.
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