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27 March 2012
In the article you write about lungs transplantation. To tell the truth, I have never heard about it. Where can this operation be done and is there any age limit for doing such an operation? If anybody heard about this, can you inform me?
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28 March 2012
Bryan Such operations can be done in some European countries: Germany, Austria, Israel and some others. The age limit is 65. And you should bear in mind that the rest of his life the patient has to take Immunosuppressant drugs which are required every day to prevent transplant rejection
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04 April 2012
Recently I always have tickles in my throat and cough with secretion of mucus. After coughing it stops tickling, but it doesn't stop for long. If I don't cough, I am short of breath. What should I do?
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07 April 2012
I suffer from asthma. Each year I can not choose a place for rest and treatment for asthmatics!If you know places, that are not very expensive, can you share experiences and results?
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Patty Lusk
03 November 2015
Linda, huff instead of cough and bend over while sitting and reach out forward and blow out really hard. This position allow more air to escape your lung that maybe trapped.
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