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30 July 2012
At the age of 25, I realized that my hairs were becoming more and thinner. I did not want to look like my brother or father, so I decided to act. My doctor prescribed me Propecia. Really, if I forget to use it, I'll find my hair everywhere (into keyboard, book etc.). True, the drug is not cheap (I would say expensive) and my insurance cannot cover it at all (it is interesting that they cover for example Viagra, however). The side effect, which I have: the drug decreases my sex life – but maybe it is good. It will protect me from troubles.
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23 August 2012
In my 22 I had hair loss. The medicine helped me in one week (after I started to use it). No more hair loss. Even if I deliberately start to pull hair out! So I can only add that the medicine works but little by little! I needed for it four months, so be patient!
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24 October 2012
After one month of usage of this medicine, I felt a reduction in the loss of hair especially after a shower. Now I don’t want to stop to use it because my hairs are thicker and also they grow faster!
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