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Welcome dear visitor. You are on the main page informational site about drugs and diseases. All information presented on this site is supplemental and is not an instruction to use or treatment. Instruction to use drugs is a document which can be found in packaging drugs. Instructions for treatment are only consulting a doctor and his prescriptions. Our site is designed only to improve your general knowledge.

Drugs catalogOur site is consists of three sections. The first section is an online directory of medicines. Here is common information about drugs, their uses, warnings and precautions, side effects, pictures and videos, the history of drug discovery, and data on manufacturers and patents. You can also write commentaries or additions to the description of medication in the bottom of the drug page.

ArticlesThe second section represents library of articles about illnesses and medicines. For convenience of navigation and search of the necessary information all articles are grouped by categories. This article describes the main diseases of the modern world, their symptoms, causes and possible prevention and treatment. You can leave comments and amendments to the articles if they have seemed to you incomplete or inaccurate.

DiscussionThe third section is made in the form of a forum. The only difference from the usual forum is that you can not create threads yourself. Themes for discussion are articles from library and a medicine from a directory. Registration is not required, you can immediately write a comment, question or addition to existing information.

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