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23 July 2019
My sister almost died of CHRONIC HEPATITIS B, she suffered rips pain, swollen stomach, tiredness, headache and more as symptoms of the ailment. The hospital said her liver was in danger and they couldn’t help, and out of frustration I went online looking for solution to help my sister, and I came across Dr. Iyabiye’s herbal recommendation, I contacted him and explain in details the medical condition of my sister. I order for the medication and the pains was gone, she was totally cured after the herbal treatment. So, I came back here to testify of his herbal medication. Doctor’s contact: (Whatsapp: +2348072229413 call:+2348158577300) email: iyabiyehealinghome@gmail.com
08 July 2019
tiffany, hi Tiffany, same symptoms for my daughter who is 7 year old.its been 4 weeks now but still she is having symptoms. Only thing she is not having as you is she is not having rash in her hair. How long did it took to recover from loose stools and rash? Thank you
15 January 2019
I was attacked by bells palsy at the age of 16. That time I was not taking any initiative to recover. I am now 29. Can I recover this disease by doing exercise. Please suggest me.

RE: Seroquel (Quetiapine fumarate)
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14 October 2017
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29 September 2017
for some reason I thought anyone had to do with the heart
02 August 2017
The image shown of the first trimester baby and the "yolk sac" is labeled incorrectly. The yolk sac should never be that big and the image is either misleading or there is a pathological issue
02 August 2017
anonymous, evn i had that ratio of 1:16 its abt a month i got treatd through 3 dose of injections. Will i be cured?? Are u compltly cured????
29 June 2017
My aunt was diagnosed with Diabetic in June 2009 and since then she has been desperately searching for cure. she has spent a lot on medication until she saw post about herb curing Diabetic, at first she did not believe on herbs but she has no choice but to give it a try, she ordered for the herb and follow the instruction given to her. gradually she start to regain her health back and do what she can not do before... herb doc email is ijebuayo@gmail.com

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