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11 December 2020
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Contact Dermatitis - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
02 August 2017
The image shown of the first trimester baby and the "yolk sac" is labeled incorrectly. The yolk sac should never be that big and the image is either misleading or there is a pathological issue
29 June 2017
My aunt was diagnosed with Diabetic in June 2009 and since then she has been desperately searching for cure. she has spent a lot on medication until she saw post about herb curing Diabetic, at first she did not believe on herbs but she has no choice but to give it a try, she ordered for the herb and follow the instruction given to her. gradually she start to regain her health back and do what she can not do before... herb doc email is ijebuayo@gmail.com
16 April 2014
Hi I'm a new user of Yasmin. I would like to know if I can take green coffee bean tablets why'll using Yasmin and can I take panadeine.
17 February 2014
A patient has unilateral facial paralysis and disarthria. Anatomically which blood vessel is damaged
08 October 2013
disgusting pictures!!! why have such disgusting pictures on the net?
Heinz Warmbo
23 September 2013
Hallo, I wrote to you some day ago in german language.I learned the english language a long tim ago - about 50 Years at school and I think it is not so very good. I asked you for permissinion for use of the cartoon " shortness of breath" I found on your homepage in the chapter"what is fatigue?" We want to use this cartoon for our group of older people, who suffer from COPD (Translation from the german language: Selfaidingroup=Selbsthilfegruppe).We like to use this cartoon for our RollUp and our flyers, but we are not aible to pay any tax.
Please allow us the use of this cartoon or tell me, where I can get the adress of the author, so that I can ask him for permission.
I would be enjoyed of an answer. I am 7o Years old,and I donĀ“t know much about handling PC and so on.
With best regards
Heinz Warmbold, Germany
28 February 2013
The bra/cancer link is NOT a myth. Several studies show a major link. You should not call this a myth without evidence showing it is false.

Madnix . Wildsultan

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