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03 August 2012
Yes, it is good, but I am tired to visit toilet so often. That is why I decided to decrease the dosage (because of problems with toilet). Actually, I tried to eat fat free food for breakfast and dinner and only after it I took 1 pill with my supper. I stopped to eat different snacks. I lose roughly 1 kg per week continually. It works great but I needed to buy toilet roll. One pill – and I can spend whole night in the toilet. Maybe it is not the worst side effect, but I have such work which can’t be combine with it.
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09 August 2012
I have only good impressions! Thirty pounds in three months! And I am glad that I didn’t gain the lost weight again. Now my aim to lose forty (or more) pounds! Yes you will have some side effects but you will teach how to cope with them! So don’t hesitate the drug is amazing!
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10 September 2012
I adore to eat delicious food and I just can’t stop (I am such type of girls). So I decided to use this drug. From everybody I have heard that it works. The results are splendid. I lost 18 pounds in two weeks (my weight was 178 pounds). And what is more important I eat everything I want. Good that I don’t have any side effects, maybe because I don’t pay much attention on them.
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30 September 2012
Yesterday I weighed and I saw that I lost 11 pounds. Now I need to take this drug for two more months (according to doctor’s prescription). As soon as I do it, I will make here review. It is so good that I have found this pill (they are really working). Now I am trying to eat correctly (because I have problems with lose stools). Hope for better.
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08 October 2012
With it I looked much skinnier. But also I controlled my daily food (calories). I took off 15 lbs (then I was 15 years old and now I am 32). Of course I had side effects but I learnt to cope with them and now I am Ok. I thing that you will learn too.
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23 November 2012
I am using it about only a week and it helps (really helps). I have already lost 8 lbs and it is not the end it is only a start! I am not planning to stop. It is so exiting, what will be in two or three months. I just do exercise two times a week. I am grateful!
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