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29 July 2012
Five years I have suffered from GERD and erosive esophagitis. I tried so many medications, but I didn't feel any improvements. Prevacid has been the best (it has worked long period of time and most compatible with control of appetite).
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17 September 2012
When I had decided to change omeprazole (20mg, 40mg) into prevacid (30 mg), I felt relief (I suffered from acid reflux). And now sometimes I complement with a Pepcid Complete especially at bedtime, but the rest of time I feel myself much better.
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01 November 2012
I have been using this drug for ten years. It had had an amazing effect – no pain. Without this drug I felt really bad (because of my acid reflux). Before Prevacid I had two endoscopes for scaring in my esophagus. This drug has cured my esophagus. So, now I want to recommend it to everyone who has such problems life I have (GERD)!
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24 December 2012
Over a year I have used this drug. First six month I didn't have heartburn, it was wonderful feeling. What can I say now – everything is back. Maybe it is time to find something more effective. I can’t deny it helps, but only some time!
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