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26 March 2012
I have read your article about the medicine Allegra. It's good that we can learn about new medicine that have been produced recently. My eleder son took Allerfast and Allertek every May and June. But last spring the effect of using them was low. I think I will buy Allegra instead.
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28 March 2012
I think it is strange that we can't pour the medicine into the sink and flush it down the toilet. Why? Can it damage the pipes? If so, what about our stomach? Won't it get damaged by such a medicine? Isn't it too dangerous?
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02 July 2012
My personal point of view is following: although Allegra can be not cheap, you should try it. It is the best healer against skin allergy! Splendid!
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15 August 2012
Over a long period I had allergy. I’ve tried different kinds of drugs, but scenario was always the same either I felt myself sleepy or the drugs didn’t work at all. Everything started to go better when I found Allegra. With it I don’t have any side effects and it helps me all the time. My gladness has no limits, it is effective for me!
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25 September 2012
Truly, it is the only drug that can stop my allergy. I tried many kinds of medicines but they only disguise my allergy, and some of them didn’t do even it. My insurer stopped covering it. So that is way I started to use another drug, which was cheaper than Allegra. But next year I hope to pay for Allegra by myself.
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02 May 2013
I started to use Allegra when another nice medicine against allergy (Seldane) was taken out of production. If I take only 180 mg of Allegra, it won’t help me especially, when I spend long time outside. But I found the way-out: I take one tablet (it contains 180 mg) and then I add another sixty mg tablet, when I go outdoors.
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09 May 2013
Sarah, medication should not be dumped down a sink drain or flushed because it can go into the drinking water. Drinking water contains trace amounts of medications due to this.
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10 August 2013
So how does one dump the medication if not down the drain?
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10 August 2013
Can Allegra 180 be used just once in case the sneezing stops or does one have to continue for 3 days and then stop? Is it a course, if so, then for how long?
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02 May 2014
Roncilla, Roncilla, As a pharmacist, I get thus question a lot. It is recommended that you open the bottle and put the tablets into something wet in the garbage, such as coffee grounds or oatmeal and then place it into something else such as a cereal box, etc. This will dissolve the medication and make it unpalatable for pets or others dumpster surfers. If pets have access to the garbage also put it into a ziplock bag to hide the smell. People medications can be fatal for pets. If you flush it down the toilet it will make its way back into the water supply. This has become a big issue in recent years.
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