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26 March 2012
I suffer with hypertension. My blood pressure may be not very high (140/85), but I cannot sleep at night. I start suffocating. For the last 6-7 years I have been taking Nifedipine and I liked it. But recently my heart has started beating after taking the medicine. Can there be any relation or is it an accident?
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10 April 2012
My mom (age 65) was prescribed a medication called Vasari H. She suffered from an ischemic stroke and then stayed a long time in hospital for treatment of hypertension. Has been taking the drug for 2.5 months, the pressure indicators have stabilized. How long is it allowed to take Vasari H?
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10 April 2012
Hi, I am 22, but I often have a headache, pills do not help, the pain can last for three days, the blood pressure is always low 80 to 40! What should I do? Should I start screening?
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