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02 April 2012
It is really frightening to reach the age of menopause. My neighbour got really crazy because of it. She throws things out of the window and her poor husband can't be sure that when he comes home from work, he will find her at home. Doctors say that the reason for such a strange behavior is a menopause
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07 April 2012
Hello! The fact is that I have stopped menstruating. From the age of 13 up to 15 everything was OK, but at 15 I went to another city to relax, and all summer there was no menstruation. It only began in October. Besides, I began to gain weight. But, as soon as the menstruation came, I dropped the extra pounds. And now again all the same. In the summer ended, began in October. What could it be? What should I do? I went to the gynecologist, passed medical tests, made ultrasound testing - everything is normal. Help!
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