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18 March 2012
Hi, there! This article is very helpful for me. Now I know how acne appears and that not only youths like me suffer from this problem. I try to follow the measures recommended here and buy soaps with described acids.
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18 March 2012
I’m pregnant right now and when acne appeared I was a bit scared. I didn’t know what to do. Here I was able to find the full information what were the reasons and how to struggle with them. I wash face with special soap daily and think about gong to facial for manual extraction of some pustules.
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18 March 2012
I have a teenager daughter who has blackheads all over her face. This article is quite good and brings some useful information. I presume excessive make-ups of my daughter only worsen the situation as well as constant face wash-up, now I know I should buy special soap with acids and water-based cosmetics with label “non-comedogenic”.
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19 March 2012
I know this problem very well. In youth I suffered a lot, now I’m in search of information for my grandson. He has a lot of pimps. Possible reason for this is increase in sex hormones. Some aspects I didn’t understand. There are only few advices how to struggle with blackheads. Who knows more ways of removing acne?
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20 March 2012
I think this article is well-written. Everything step-by-step is explained. Walter, follow that your grandson didn’t squeeze pimps, eat proper food, exercise daily. He may as well to wash his face with water full of sea salt. People say it is very efficient against comedos. Measures given here can be also followed. But before taking any acne pills you should consult with doctor.
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01 April 2012
My son used to have a lot of pimps, too. But then I heard an advertisement about Clearasil. This medicine is a lotion and I bought it at the chemist. My son applied it for 2-3 months and the result was good.
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07 April 2012
Skin is the part of body, which is as important as liver, heart and lungs. Only in contrast to the activity of internal organs, skin is affected both from the outside and inside! Take care of your skin when you are young! Food, if it is correct and rational, is the best make-up for your skin.
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10 May 2012
I am 18 years old. For the last 2 years I suffered from acne. The last year the stains started to disappear but are still seen. What treatment can I try except peelings? I have heard about Retinolum, what can you say about it? Is it possible to bleach these spots?
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