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05 April 2012
Something strange happens to my daughter: from time to time she runs a high temperature, sometimes alongside with coughs, but quite often it is only a fever. She stays in bed the whole day and the next she is OK. What can it be?
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08 April 2012
All of a sudden, I had a rise of the temperature and a sore throat. I started taking arbidol, antigrippin and grammidin. Today it is much better. But then I read on the Internet about arbidol. The comments are negative. Now I do not know should I continue taking it or not.
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16 April 2012
My temperature for the last 3 days is 37.7 or 37.5... headaches, slight dizziness, running nose, sore throat, dry cough and occasional trembles with fever, eyes cut from light, and frequent pain in the frontal lobe.. Is it a cold?
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22 April 2012
5 days ago my daughter began coughing at night, the diagnosis was a cold. The pediatrician's appointment: ACC, Biseptol, geksoral and inhalation of saline. On the second day of treatment the cough was severe but early this morning she had dry cough without stopping for 10 minutes. Was the doctor right?
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Cold and flu
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