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07 May 2012
Hello It has become fashionable to be vaccinated against hepatitis. Tell me, if a baby suffered a bilirubin toxicity in infancy (300 at a rate of 200), whether it is advisable or not to vaccinate him up to a year?
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07 May 2012
Good afternoon. I'm going out with a young man who had hepatitis B 2.5 years ago. After recovery he was registered tested regularly. Then his tests were good and he was removed from registration. I was made vaccination against hepatitis B for the two years, but I missed the last injection. Can I get sick of hepatitis?
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08 May 2012
After gynecologic operation while in hospital, I was treated by a large number of drugs, including antibiotics. Today my condition sharply worsened, I suffer of weakness and feel bitterness in the mouth after meals. Has the liver suffered from all these drugs? What can I do now?
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11 May 2012
I have hepatitis C. I started treatment with interferon and ribavirin. Taking anti-virus preparations I paid attention that if earlier I felt isolation, passivity and inaction, now I began to feel anger, mood swings, irritation, I became aggressive The doctor suggests me taking energizers. But is there no other not-medical method to help me?
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