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Heinz Warmbo
23 September 2013
Hallo, I wrote to you some day ago in german language.I learned the english language a long tim ago - about 50 Years at school and I think it is not so very good. I asked you for permissinion for use of the cartoon " shortness of breath" I found on your homepage in the chapter"what is fatigue?" We want to use this cartoon for our group of older people, who suffer from COPD (Translation from the german language: Selfaidingroup=Selbsthilfegruppe).We like to use this cartoon for our RollUp and our flyers, but we are not aible to pay any tax.
Please allow us the use of this cartoon or tell me, where I can get the adress of the author, so that I can ask him for permission.
I would be enjoyed of an answer. I am 7o Years old,and I donĀ“t know much about handling PC and so on.
With best regards
Heinz Warmbold, Germany
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