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10 April 2012
The last three months I began using Viagra. Tell me, if it is advisible to conceive a baby after taking the medication and I wonder if it won't affect the baby.
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16 April 2012
Usually my blood pressure is 130-80, but after taking Viagra it was 155-90. Is it dangerous or not? This blood pressure is not very high, but still I am not sure whether I should take Viagra again.
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04 August 2012
Several years I have been using it! Likely, I did not notice meaningful side effects! So I reduced the dosage of Viagra in four times (25 mg). And it was working and no side effects! But I my 66 I need at least 50 mg for my erection. No complaints! I am happy that I found this drug! I advise the drug for everyone who has same problems like I have.
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05 August 2012
I tried generic Viagra for the first time recently. Took a dose of 1/2 100 mg tablets. The effect occurred within half an hour. This is awesome! There was a little stuffy nose. After 4 hours the effect was still going on.
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03 September 2012
About effects, I use 50 mg and have better stamina and blood flow. About side effects: sometimes I can’t breathe right because of my nose (I have such feeling that something clogs up there). So, I feel like I have a cold (or something like these). That are all side effects I have for now (likely!).
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16 September 2012
Last night I took it (it was my first time) and I was really astonished how good it helped. I had the best (strongest) erection in my 59. I have several side effects (haedache, eyestrain), but I think that good sex is better than different side effects. Super!
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04 October 2012
To tell the truth I went to the doctor for ED, but he said that I had diabetes. Last year I have consumed Viagra (over 30 minutes it was working). Doctor gave me two examples of other drugs but they did not work (unfortunately). Now I am waiting for reduction of prices on Viagra.
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30 October 2012
viagra gives good erection and satifraction sex with patners so im very happy.
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25 November 2012
Splendid! I had a year of frustration, and now I have super erection (in 15 minutes) and I can put on a condom (without worrying about erection). I feel so great! I advise this drug!
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05 February 2016
I am 50 i just got a rx for viagra and took 2 pills 200 mg and had the best erection ever then the sex with my wife Nina was fun and i got my erection into her g spot
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