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25 March 2012
My cousin has edema and the doctor prescribed her Lasix. Now she thinks she is pregnant and she is not sure whether she can take the medicine or not. The doctor has gone on holiday and she needs advice. Can pregnant women take Lasix?
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23 July 2012
I used this medication for half a year together with Hydrochlorothiazide to cure hypertension or edema and it didn’t work at all. My first dose was 20mg pill one time a day. The treatment lasted for two months. I raised the dose to 40mg and was taking it for four months one time a day. I didn’t receive any result and my legs are swelling like they were before. However, the blood pressure is back to normal. The side effect that I had was a headache.
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28 August 2012
My legs were swelling, so I had to take this medicine for one week. It helped me a lot and my condition is much better. You can get over the side effects. I had little headaches and I wanted to urinate all the time.
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04 October 2012
Mom has an allergy to Sulfa. She is for post open heart surgery anyerism repair and resulting Congestive Heart Faiure in 2010. Mom was prescribed lasix post surgery because of the resulting CHF. This returned in May, and she was misdiagnosed with COPD for a week. They gave her IV prednisone in huge amounts for this week (which made her way worse) anyways.. Finally I got them to give her IV lasix. It drained like 5 gallons of water out of her. She was better in a day. I forced them to put her back on the pills. 3 months later she developed rash all over, hives, that was finally biopsied and its definitely a drug allergy, not a contact allergy... So now what? she really needs this lasix. HTC is the same thing basically, so thats not going to work.. What is a diretic that is ok for sulfa allergies??
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12 November 2012
I was looking for the best medicine and now I have it. There are so many tablets, that I was taking, which were other fluid pills that are sold by prescription and some OTC fluid pills, but they didn’t give such effect like this medicine.
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30 January 2013
Does Lasix cause weight gain or bloating of any kind?
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01 March 2013
what should a patient on IV lasix do now that it is on natl backorder???????
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21 March 2013
ellenLooking for this everywhere My Mom needs this 40mg I.V. push, this backorder has been going on for some time. Is there a replacement drug that does the same? Thank You
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11 January 2017
Thank you very helpful info.
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