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27 July 2012
I had low cholesterol level (65 %). When I started to use Mevacor, I had a variety of side effects (muscle tendon pain in the wrists, fingers, shoulders, hips, knees, hands and thighs). Lipitior is better for me because it has NO side effects (in over a decade of usage). It is because diverse effects on diverse individuals. The side effects of Mevacor were really painful for me so I stopped to use it! A year later, I started to take Lipitor (20 mg).
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22 August 2012
I tried different types of drugs which reduce levels of cholesterol in the blood. I began with Mevacor and then tested variety of other drugs. But I did not like them (first of all because of muscle aches), so I decided to use Mevacor.
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16 October 2012
My great problem is constipation. But the way out is following, lately I drink prune (8oz) juice and everything is OK!
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