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30 March 2012
. Hello I received the results of echocardiograms. In conclusion, among other things, it is written: Regurgitation in MK (+) TC (+). What are the pros in the brackets? I won’t be able to get an appointment to the doctor soon, so I decided to appeal to the forum. Are there any doctors who can explain to me what it means?
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01 April 2012
Please answer this question. I saw the therapist a week ago about high blood pressure. After inspection, he prescribed Equator. But when I took a pill, there was redness of the skin, tachycardia, cough, insomnia occured. Tell me.. is it possible to smoothly move on to another medicine, because this is clearly not appropriate. Thanks in advance.
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08 May 2012
I am 73. The blood pressure can jump from high (up to 200 - the top) to low (up to 70 - top)during the day. What may be the cause of these jumps? Are there any medications that do not increase or decrease the pressure, but simply keep it average. Because it causes discomfort.
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