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17 July 2012
Last night was the first time when I tried this medicine. I had an amazing sex and two time this morning. It’s incredible! I tried two other similar medications. They are great too, but the best effect I had from this one. My age is more than 60 years old and I have diabetes. Later, I had headache.
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31 July 2012
I am 52 years old and have erectile dysfunction. My doctor prescribed me a 20mg dose, but at the beginning I wanted to take 5 mg. I feel so great now! There were congestions but not a problem.
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13 September 2012
My age is 78 and I was taking this medicine for more than four years. If I don’t eat and take a 5mg pill, my erection will be very strong. You need to wait for half an hour to get an effect. I have some redness on my face but it doesn’t really bother me.
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09 November 2012
I took a dose of 10mg of the medicine with water and didn't take food one hour before sex. I was so impressed by results!
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01 December 2012
My age is 36 years old. For the last time, it is difficult for me to maintain my erection when I am going to have sex. But I still have it, when I have foreplay. When I got a prescription for Levitra, it changed my life. I felt young and strong. There were some problems with engorgement and I sometimes I had headaches, but it is not compared to result. The negative side is that you have to know when you need to have sexual activity. No spontaneity and no romance. The price for medicine is also high.
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