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30 March 2012
This medicine seems strange to me: it may be helpful, but a lot of side effects that are quite serious, may cause big problems with your health. I don't think I will recommend it to my friends and relatives.
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01 July 2012
As for me I used 2 Aleve after a sleepless night with significant pain of my shoulder. I felt the result of it’s working in half an hour. And in 1 hour it was easy for me to revolve arm in all directions. Such sense of relief I felt about 28 hours, than the pain returned. This product is really splendid!
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07 July 2012
I can only confirm that this medicine helped me to overcome the pain, but it had side effects. For example, I had terrible stomachache, bloody stool and it was only part of my problems. It was hard to stand the pain. So, I decided not to take this product any more.
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21 August 2012
I am fond of Aleve, but take my advice: before it's consumption everyone should visit a doctor. Sometimes I have sharp pain in my toes and headaches because of TMJ syndrome. The medicine helped me in both cases. In some cases it can provoke stomach bleeding or even heart attack, so firstly go to doctor!
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05 September 2012
After tearing my rotator cuff, I started taking aleve for shoulder pain. Took 2-6 per day for three months. Passed out going to the bathroom one night rushed to the hospital. i was losing blood through a hole in my stomach which was caused by the Aleve. Required 5 pints of blood. Avoid Aleve
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22 September 2012
I took two Aleve a day to calm my back pain and it helped, but eventually it had bad influence on my stomach. My doctor understood everything, so I've dropped to consume it completely. After a year of invariable nausea and ache, I was forced to quit taking it.
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01 November 2012
I was taking Aleve as an anti-inflammatory to help with pain produced by scleroderma and unfortunately I was forced to stop. After 4 days on the drug I suffered profuse bleeding from my large colon, actually went into shock and had to go to ER. Sad because the drug did give me a lot of pain relief.
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20 February 2013
It works. When I had felt intensive pain, I took Aleve an hour later. Firstly I took 2 tablets then one every eight hours. I think that I will take it couple days. It helps to get out of gout very fast.
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