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30 May 2012
I have started to use Seroquel during the last four month. Due to the bipolar disorder that I have, I cant sleep and have substitutive thinking. The medicine made a real improvement for me. Thanks to it, I can have a rest at night and racing thoughts don't bother me at all.
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01 June 2012
My doctor wrote a prescription to take a 25mg tablet of Seroquel during night to treat my insomnia and Manic Depression. The results were amazing! The tablet reduced my depression and phobia. I noticed that I am always in a good mood. I sleep well at night without waking up and in the morning I feel very fresh and willing to make new things during the day. Thanks to this medicine I don’t have any fears during night and my dreams are colorful and calm. I recommend you to visit your psychologist during treatment with Seroquel to have a better benefit.
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04 June 2012
This tablet was prescribed to me because I had insomnia. Now, I cant imagine what I was doing without this medicine. During my whole life, since childhood, I had problems with sleeping. Now, I am 28 and still have this problem. The action of the medicine started from the first dose. I highly recommend it to all the patients that have such sickness.
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20 July 2012
For the last five years, I was taking a 300mg dose of Seroquel. The sickness I have is when you can not sleep, in other words, it is called bipolar disorder. Also, I had a surgery on my back and that is why I had to take medicine against it, which caused addiction. This medicine keeps me alive. You can take it with other drugs.
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06 October 2012
When I had had menopause, I was prescribed Seroquel for my sleeplessness. 50 mg of this medicine and I slept like a child. But if I use it on an empty belly, I go to sleep in half an hour and I sleep very well. It is true that my dreams are more lifelike and also I experience a desire to eat. But on the whole I am very glad that I found such drug.
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05 November 2012
I have a variety of different problems (cause insomnia, Lyme disease and depression) which make my life insufferable. At first I used herbs to calm my thoughts and they helped. But I understood that I need stronger arrangements. I consume 25 mg before I want to sleep. Yes, it helps, but in the morning I can be very irritable. Even I had some problems with my speech!
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18 November 2012
This drug made me really exhausted. Yes, it helps if you suffer from insomnia, but it is very hard (almost impossible) to have a day full of activity. Don't try to make yourself awake early, in such case you will be presented with headache, dizziness, and overwhelming weariness. And also if you have depression, it won't help!
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16 December 2012
Gentle hint: Some time I had problems with my sleep. When I had consulted a doctor, he prescribed me Seroquel (the dosage was 25 mg). So I started to consume it, after some time I felt irresistible desire for sugar – chocolate, candy, pastry etc. So, I decided to take medical advice and went to my family doctor. There I found out that my sugar levels were swelling constantly and it was unusual for my preceding medical history. As a result the rise in sugar levels provoked diabetes. As soon as all facts were established, I stopped to use this drug. Now I don't have voracious appetite for sugar.
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21 December 2012
I served in the Army (now I am 34) and now I am suffering from insomnia and post-traumatic stress disorder. It is very hard for me to get sleep (for example I cannot asleep 5-6 hours) and often I can be hungry because of it.
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15 January 2013
Over 25 years my chronic insomnia made my life terrible. I have tried almost everything (antidepressant, sleeping pill, four sleep studies) and nothing has helped. So, came to a decision to try Seroquel (25 mg) and the result was splendid – I finally had a nice sleep! The benefits of this medicine are amazing. Now I feel myself like after a long vacation – super!
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