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Allergic rhinitis
Allergic Rhinitis - Symptoms, Causes and Treatment Allergic rhinitis is a picture of inflammation of the mucous membranes of the nasal cavity caused by an exaggerated reaction of the immune system to allergenic air particles.
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Food allergy
Allergy to Food   (6 comments) Reactions to food are common and can be divided into two categories: food allergy and non-allergic reaction to food. In this paper we talk about causes, symptoms and treatment of food allergy.
Allergies   Article saved: 20 February 2012
Allergy to penicillin
Allergy To Penicillin Penicillin is the oldest of antibiotics, discovered in 1928 by Dr Alexander Fleming. Nearly 100 years after its development, penicillin and its derivatives are still widely used in medical practice as a major weapon against bacterial infections.
Allergies   Article saved: 04 December 2016
Contact dermatitis on hand
Contact Dermatitis - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment   (1 comments) Contact dermatitis, also known as contact eczema or allergic dermatitis, is, as its name says, an inflammation of the skin that occurs when it comes into contact with a substance that causes allergy or irritation.
Allergies   Article saved: 10 July 2016
Allergy on skin
Skin Allergy - Main Causes The skin is one of the most frequently affected organs by allergic processes. There are several causes for skin allergy, but they all usually present with two characteristics: rash (spots or reddish patches on the skin) and severe itching.
Allergies   Article saved: 12 July 2016
Urticaria symptoms
Urticaria - Symptoms, Causes and Treatment Urticaria is an extensive skin reaction, with allergy characteristics, quite common, affecting about 20% of people at some point in life. Urticaria can occur in adults and children, and is usually triggered by infections, medications, food, heat, or other stimuli.
Allergies   Article saved: 17 April 2017
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