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Conjunctivitis symptoms
Conjunctivitis - Symptoms, Causes, Transmission and Treatment Conjunctivitis is the eye disease caused by inflammation and / or infection of the conjunctiva, the thin membrane that covers part of our eyes. There are several causes of conjunctivitis, including infections, allergies, substance irritations and even neoplasias. The main symptoms of conjunctivitis are red eyes, pain and tearing.
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Contact lens
Contact Lenses - Types and Care The use of contact lenses has gained much popularity over the past two decades. It is estimated that currently more than 130 million people worldwide use them frequently.
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Fundus of eye
Fundus of Eye Examination
The fundus of the eye is the richest and most detailed live painting and color of the situation of the arteries, veins and nerves of the human body, since in its visualization only transparent means interposes between the physician and the retina of the patient, except in pathological situations. The retina works as well as a window through which one can see the health of the organism in general.
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Healthy eye and glaucoma
Glaucoma - Symptoms, Causes and Treatment Glaucoma is not a single disease, but rather a group of diseases that result in damage to the optic nerve, responsible for bringing the visual stimuli captured by the eyes to the brain. With the optic nerve injured, the images taken by the eyes do not reach the brain and the result is blindness.
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