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Adhesive capsulitis
Adhesive Capsulitis - Frozen Shoulder The adhesive capsulitis, popularly known as "frozen shoulder," is a picture which is characterized by limitation of movement and intense shoulder pain, which can last from several months to years. The adhesive capsulitis is caused by an inflammation of the capsule that covers the shoulder joint.
Arthritis & rheumatism   Article saved: 14 January 2016
Bakers cyst
Baker's Cyst - Popliteal Cyst The Baker's cyst, also known as popliteal cyst, is a small net bag that arises in the region behind the knee, called popliteal fossa.
Arthritis & rheumatism   Article saved: 11 May 2016
Osteoarthritis - Causes and Symptoms
Osteoarthritis is a process when there is cartilage degeneration. In the early stages of osteoarthritis cartilage becomes rougher, thus increasing friction during movement of the joint.
Arthritis & rheumatism   Article saved: 13 June 2013
Streptococcus pyogenes
Rheumatic Fever - Symptoms, Causes and Treatment Rheumatic fever, commonly known as rheumatism in the blood, is a complication that can occur after a picture of pharyngitis caused by the bacterium Streptococcus.
Arthritis & rheumatism   Article saved: 11 May 2018
Rheumatism - Symptoms and Treatment Rheumatism is an old medical term, which for decades has ceased to be part of medical dictionaries, but that is still widely used by laypeople. Rheumatism usually be employed in the case of diseases of muscle and non-traumatic osteoarticular system origin, which in practice eventually include hundreds diseases from different sources.
Arthritis & rheumatism   Article saved: 20 February 2016
Human joints
Rheumatoid Arthritis - Symptoms and Treatment   (4 comments) Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic inflammatory disease that can affect various organs and tissues of the body, but shows a clear preference for the joints.
Arthritis & rheumatism   Article saved: 07 March 2012
Shoulder bursitis symptoms
Shoulder Bursitis - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Shoulder pain is such a common situation that up to 70% of people have this type of pain at least once throughout their lives. Among the various possible causes of shoulder pain, shoulder bursitis to, also called subacromial bursitis or subdeltoid bursitis, is one of the most common.
Arthritis & rheumatism   Article saved: 10 January 2016
Synovial cyst on hand
Synovial Cyst - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Synovial cyst is a benign tumor that usually presents as a small rounded nodule above the joints or tendons, especially in the hands and wrists. In English, the synovial cyst is a ball of soft consistency, usually arising above the wrist or in one of the fingers.
Arthritis & rheumatism   Article saved: 19 December 2017
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