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60 Tips for Weight Loss Excess weight should be seen not as an essentially aesthetic problem, but as a matter of personal health. Beyond the actual harm caused by excess body fat, a person with excess weight also often see exposed to other health problems such as overweight and obesity are often associated with an unhealthy diet and inactivity.
Weight Loss   Article saved: 16 July 2014
Body mass index
Calculating BMI - Body Mass Index The body mass index, BMI better known by the abbreviation is an index adopted by WHO (World Health Organization), which is used for the diagnosis of overweight and obesity. BMI can easily be calculated from two simple data: height and weight.
Weight Loss   Article saved: 15 December 2015
Obesity - Calories for Weight Loss   (1 comments) The treatment of obesity requires at least a combination of three factors: a proper diet, regular exercise and changes in lifestyle. Eventually it becomes necessary to use diet pills.
Weight Loss   Article saved: 24 February 2012
Obesity - Definitions and Consequences Obesity has become one of the major epidemics of the modern world. Many treat it only as an aesthetic problem or social acceptance.
Weight Loss   Article saved: 21 February 2012
Remedies for weight loss
Remedies for Weight Loss   (1 comments) Treatment of obesity with drugs can be a good option when combined with changes of diet, physical activity patterns and lifestyle habits.
Weight Loss   Article saved: 19 February 2012
Oral contraceptives
Taking Contraceptives Cause Weight Gain? One of the biggest myths about the pill use is in relation to a supposed weight gain that women have after starting the contraceptive. Unfortunately, weight gain complaints may be the main reason for the abandonment of pills.
Weight Loss   Article saved: 20 November 2016
Excess belly
Tips to Lose Belly If you reached this article looking for tips on how to lose belly considering only the aesthetic side of the situation, lose a few minutes with us, as we will give you even more reasons (plus tips) you want to lose weight and lose a few centimeters from your belly.
Weight Loss   Article saved: 29 October 2016
Changes in lifestyle
Treatment of Obesity - Changes in Lifestyle   (1 comments) Obesity is one of the largest epidemics in the world, with steady growth in recent decades.
Weight Loss   Article saved: 27 February 2012
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