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Healthy and affected brain
Alzheimer's Disease - Symptoms, Causes and Treatment Alzheimer's disease is a degenerative and progressive disease that causes brain atrophy, leading to dementia in elderly patients.
Mental Health   Article saved: 27 December 2017
Upper and lower motor neuron
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis - ALS   (1 comments) Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as motor neuron disease or Lou Gehrig's disease is a severe neurodegenerative pathology (disease causing degeneration of neurons) of unknown cause and no curative treatment.
Mental Health   Article saved: 10 March 2016
Bipolar disorder
Bipolar Disorder - Diagnosis, Symptoms and Treatment Bipolar disorder is characterized by cyclical mood changes that manifest as depressive episodes alternating with episodes of elation or mania in different degrees of intensity.
Mental Health   Article saved: 26 October 2012
Delirium - Mental Confusion in Elderly Delirium, also called acute confusional state, is a serious disturbance of the patient's mental function, characterized by disturbances of consciousness, with reduced concentration, memory alterations, mental confusion and altered perception of the environment. The onset of delirium is usually sudden, evolving within hours or a few days.
Mental Health   Article saved: 22 August 2017
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