Anemia Can Cause Leukemia?

One of the most common questions in the population is about the risk of anemia cause leukemia, especially if not properly treated. But ultimately, anemia can turn leukemia?

Symptoms of anemia and leukemia
Symptoms of anemia and leukemia

The answer is simple: no, not seen anemia leukemia. Even if anemia is not handled properly, there is no risk of it turning leukemia either the short or the long run.

However, anemia can be one of the symptoms of those with leukemia, so this confusion often arises.

We will explain briefly.

What is anemia?

The red blood cells, also called erythrocytes or red blood cell, is the most abundant type of cell in the blood. Just to give you an idea, in only 1 ml of blood can be found about 5 billion red blood cells. The red blood cell is the cell that carries oxygen through the blood. She picks up oxygen in the lungs and leads to all body tissues.

Erythrocytes are produced continuously in the bone marrow and have an average life of 120 days. As the old red cells are being destroyed in the spleen, new red blood cells produced in the bone marrow are released into the bloodstream in order to maintain more or less constant amount of circulating red blood cells.

When the amount of red blood cells in the blood is reduced, we call anemia. Anemia occurs when the loss of red blood cells is greater than production. Generally, this occurs for three reasons:
  • 1. Bone marrow is sick and produces few new red blood cells.
  • 2. Some disease is causing premature destruction of red blood cells, before 120 days of life.
  • 3. The patient is losing red blood cells due to bleeding.

What is leukemia?

White blood cells, also called white blood cells, are another type of blood cells belong to the immune system and are a major contributor to the fight against invading germs in the body. As the erythrocytes, leukocytes are also produced in the bone marrow.

Leukemia is a type of cancer that affects the white blood cells. The bone marrow affected by leukemia starts to produce white blood cells in an exaggerated way. Moreover, these leukocytes produced are defective and do not serve to combat infections.

Relationship between anemia and leukemia

Malignant white blood cells produced excessively in leukemia accumulate in the bone marrow, taking up space that was previously reserved for the production of other blood cells such as erythrocytes. Therefore, over time, the patient may start with leukemia have anemia arising from lack of production of new red blood cells from patient's bone marrow.

Therefore, the leukemia can cause anemia, anemia but does not cause leukemia. Under any circumstances. Even anemias that last for years not at risk of turning into leukemia.

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