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13 May 2012
You have mentioned only some drugs for treating angina. Once I was abroad and fell ill with angina. The doctor prescribed me Ospen. I must say it was very effective. I felt a relief after taking the 1st tablet. It's a pity that in our country I couldn't find it. Is it prohibited?
11 May 2012
I have hepatitis C. I started treatment with interferon and ribavirin. Taking anti-virus preparations I paid attention that if earlier I felt isolation, passivity and inaction, now I began to feel anger, mood swings, irritation, I became aggressive The doctor suggests me taking energizers. But is there no other not-medical method to help me?
10 May 2012
Periodically, I am disturbed by cramps in the calves at night. Can the lack of any macro-or micronutrient be the reason for it? What drugs would you advise me to take?
10 May 2012
After giving up sports activities, my 16-year-old daughter gained extra weight. Is there any diet which will lead to loss of excess weight but won't do much harm to a growing organism? Or should she do any exercises to lose weight?
08 May 2012
Recently I began to grow stout, probably, this is the affect of hormonal changes. I know that it is not necessary to limit strongly my diet in proteins and especially in dairy products. Are there any diets for women of advanced age?
22 April 2012
You described the symptoms diabetes, but you did not write the way to treat it. Is it possible to maintain a low blood sugar when diet and exercise do not help? My father had diabetes and you say that family history of diabetes is a risk factor.
RE: Cialis (Tadalafil)
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21 April 2012
" If in your opinion your body will stand to take the pill two times a week, than you should take the daily course." - I didn't quite understand this sentence. It means that not all people can stand this dosage twice a week. Then how can they take a daily course? Isn't it too dangerous? My husband has problems of this kind and I'm trying to find some information on the Internet.
16 April 2012
If this drug was taken away from the world wide market, why are you writing about it? I don't think that all people read drug instructions to the end, and it may happen that somebody can start taking it. I don't think it's a good idea to give instructions of uses and dosage of the drug that was prohibited.

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