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01 December 2012
My age is 36 years old. For the last time, it is difficult for me to maintain my erection when I am going to have sex. But I still have it, when I have foreplay. When I got a prescription for Levitra, it changed my life. I felt young and strong. There were some problems with engorgement and I sometimes I had headaches, but it is not compared to result. The negative side is that you have to know when you need to have sexual activity. No spontaneity and no romance. The price for medicine is also high.
29 November 2012
Viagra is old and if you use it for long then it doesn't work that much,so better to use some alternative,some natural medicine like veyromax.it's really works great and it has zero side effects.
23 November 2012
I am using it about only a week and it helps (really helps). I have already lost 8 lbs and it is not the end it is only a start! I am not planning to stop. It is so exiting, what will be in two or three months. I just do exercise two times a week. I am grateful!
28 October 2012
I was sick with bladder infection before. The day didn't end, but I began to feel much better. It makes me realy happy because the disease didn't let me live my normal life during 6 days. The result is incredible since I didn't have any side effects, because I had horrible reaction when I took Cipro. This is good that my condition is better after other medicine.
24 October 2012
After one month of usage of this medicine, I felt a reduction in the loss of hair especially after a shower. Now I don’t want to stop to use it because my hairs are thicker and also they grow faster!
16 October 2012
My great problem is constipation. But the way out is following, lately I drink prune (8oz) juice and everything is OK!
RE: Tetracycline
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18 September 2012
This drug is amazing especially for adult acne. Now I have no physical defects and I am happy. And, I did not find any side effects (according to the list).
RE: Bronchial Asthma
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26 August 2012
Hello goerge,.. This is typical of something called "obstructive sleep apnea" which is a condition that happens to many people especially obese ones... This condition has many grades of severity.. From the very mild to thevery severe.. I think u should consult a doctor who'll assess ur condition and prescribe u one of many options available.. From simple life style modifications to breathing aids during ur sleep... Just dont worry... But also dont overlook it! Hope u become better soon Dr,Ingy

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