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24 April 2012
Leonard Hi leonard. This drug is called- Parathyroid hormone (Teriparatide [Forteo]), introduced for the treatment of men and postmenopausal women with osteoporosis, with severe pains.It usually is prescribed for those, who are at high risk of fractures. It is injected.
22 April 2012
My son was diagnosed hypothyroid and he was appointed L-thyroxine. I give him 50mg/day: Is there a chance that the child gets better and the does not have to take medication any more or is it a disease for the rest of his life?
22 April 2012
5 days ago my daughter began coughing at night, the diagnosis was a cold. The pediatrician's appointment: ACC, Biseptol, geksoral and inhalation of saline. On the second day of treatment the cough was severe but early this morning she had dry cough without stopping for 10 minutes. Was the doctor right?
16 April 2012
If this drug was taken away from the world wide market, why are you writing about it? I don't think that all people read drug instructions to the end, and it may happen that somebody can start taking it. I don't think it's a good idea to give instructions of uses and dosage of the drug that was prohibited.
10 April 2012
Hi, I am 22, but I often have a headache, pills do not help, the pain can last for three days, the blood pressure is always low 80 to 40! What should I do? Should I start screening?
07 April 2012
Hello! The fact is that I have stopped menstruating. From the age of 13 up to 15 everything was OK, but at 15 I went to another city to relax, and all summer there was no menstruation. It only began in October. Besides, I began to gain weight. But, as soon as the menstruation came, I dropped the extra pounds. And now again all the same. In the summer ended, began in October. What could it be? What should I do? I went to the gynecologist, passed medical tests, made ultrasound testing - everything is normal. Help!
06 April 2012
I am 13 years old and I am suffering from fears: when I go out of the apartment, shut it, go to the elevator and then suddenly I get stricken with panic - have I locked the door or not?Also when I come to school, I sometimes do not feel my clothes and get the feeling that I am completely naked. Should I consult a doctor?
06 April 2012
I would like to know what will happen if a woman, that has genital herpes, gets pregnant. Can she give birth to a healthy baby? Or does the disease prevent women from getting pregnant?

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