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D. Miller
07 September 2013
Christina, What kind of skin infection did you have and what dose were you given and for how long?
02 April 2013
It is already one year since I started to use this medicine. I can't imagine what the reason of my bad thoughts is. They are very real and bring me too much anxiety. After a year now, I have improvements. Nothing makes me too angry. The medicine helped me to become a better father and husband. There were no bad effects that I experienced.
28 February 2013
The bra/cancer link is NOT a myth. Several studies show a major link. You should not call this a myth without evidence showing it is false.
RE: Aleve (Naproxen)
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20 February 2013
It works. When I had felt intensive pain, I took Aleve an hour later. Firstly I took 2 tablets then one every eight hours. I think that I will take it couple days. It helps to get out of gout very fast.
24 December 2012
Over a year I have used this drug. First six month I didn't have heartburn, it was wonderful feeling. What can I say now – everything is back. Maybe it is time to find something more effective. I can’t deny it helps, but only some time!
18 December 2012
SarahRhey just came out with the generic version of Revatio and it is half the price of Refvatio. Ask for sildwnafil
10 December 2012
My PSA is equal to 3.7 when I began to take this medication. I didn't have any surgery and the only side effect that I had, was enlargement of my breasts. I am 79 and have strength enough to swim 1 mile once a day. I am doing well and my condition is great.
01 December 2012
My age is 36 years old. For the last time, it is difficult for me to maintain my erection when I am going to have sex. But I still have it, when I have foreplay. When I got a prescription for Levitra, it changed my life. I felt young and strong. There were some problems with engorgement and I sometimes I had headaches, but it is not compared to result. The negative side is that you have to know when you need to have sexual activity. No spontaneity and no romance. The price for medicine is also high.

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