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25 July 2012
In the case of a patient having a myocardial infarction, treatment is surgery or may be drug? My father is having symptoms and has already marked this cardiologist.
02 July 2012
Please tell me whether Kamagra has the same powerful effect as Viagra? Interested in the views of those who used both drugs in practice.
22 June 2012
You have enough stmoypms to justify a visit to a doctor. While we here on answers have all the answers the only one to tell you is a doctor. Low blood sugar in me causes much irritation, very tired and split vision(eyes are not in sinc). High blood sugar(same as untreated diabetic) blurry vision, very tired, sluggish, excessive hunger and extreme thirst(and going to the john too ofter) Hypoglycemia can lead to diabetes. Was this answer helpful?
31 May 2012
I am 22 years old and I wonder if daily weakness, body aches and joint pain, headache, difficulty in vision, vomiting, skin looks yellow and red spots in the body are symptoms of cancer! And if so, what tests should I do?
31 May 2012
My right big toe was badly swollen. The doctor suspected gout, but my uric acid levels are normal, is this possible?
13 May 2012
I want to describe my way of treating insomnia. I used to wake up every night at 3:00 and could not sleep for 3-4 hours. First, I began to have dinner no later than 6 pm. Second, when I woke up, I pressed the point on the heel. This point is called the point of insomnia in Shiatsu massage. Now I do not have insomnia
13 May 2012
My sister said, that the only remedy to get rid of migrain is to cause a gag reflex. She said she used to feel much better after vomitting.
11 May 2012
I have hepatitis C. I started treatment with interferon and ribavirin. Taking anti-virus preparations I paid attention that if earlier I felt isolation, passivity and inaction, now I began to feel anger, mood swings, irritation, I became aggressive The doctor suggests me taking energizers. But is there no other not-medical method to help me?

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