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25 March 2012
I think there is a very easy way to keep fit. We should walk as much as possible. Walking is very healthy. We should walk at least 2km a day. Walk instead of waiting for buses and you will be healthy all life. My great-grandmother was a doctor, and she was active all her life. She died at the age of 99.
25 March 2012
Hello! Can a child be born healthy if the mother in the first month of pregnancy was taking "Cipralex"? The instruction says that pregnant women should avoid this drug, but I learned of the pregnancy only after 5 weeks of pregnancy. How will this affect the baby if the pregnancy is saved? I'd like to give birth to a healthy baby! Thank you in advance for your reply!
25 March 2012
My cousin has edema and the doctor prescribed her Lasix. Now she thinks she is pregnant and she is not sure whether she can take the medicine or not. The doctor has gone on holiday and she needs advice. Can pregnant women take Lasix?
21 March 2012
You know I start suffering from baldness. I couldn't understand why it occurred. I haven't taken any drugs or vitamin deficiencies. Here it's said it’s because of stress. There are even some interesting facts about hair growth. I've read carefully the reasons and solutions. I haven’t caught yet what Minoxidil is. Is it gel? I’ll dug on this item.
18 March 2012
Hi, there! This article is very helpful for me. Now I know how acne appears and that not only youths like me suffer from this problem. I try to follow the measures recommended here and buy soaps with described acids.

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