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05 April 2012
Has anybody heard of usage of bioactive supplements made from blood and horns of a deer? They promise a good effect and say that 89% of patients show really good results. This is what they say. I wonder if it is true.
04 April 2012
My child was diagnosed with photodermatitis. She has a rash after being in the sun which itches for 2 weeks after sunbathing. Unfortunately, it is not amenable to treatment - you can only use sunscreen. But what can be done, if we forgot to use it and these "spots" appeared? What drugs can be used to have them disappear faster, less itching?
02 April 2012
My grandmother used to give me sweet tea if I had any problems with my stomach. She made me drink a lot of water and and never gave me food. I think this was the usual way of treatment diarrhea. But now doctors think that children should be fed. Times differ!
30 March 2012
I have read the article carefully, but I haven't found the answer to my question: why the intense thinning of hair occurs mainly in the center and apex of the head. Why don't men start losing their hair on the face, in the area of mustuсh, beard and whiskers?
26 March 2012
I think there is a very easy way to keep fit. We should walk as much as possible. Walking is very healthy. We should walk at least 2km a day. Walk instead of waiting for buses and you will be healthy all life. My great-grandmother was a doctor, and she was active all her life. She died at the age of 99.

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