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11 January 2017
Thank you very helpful info.
RE: Cialis (Tadalafil)
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18 March 2016
Has anybody noticed their erection dosen't feel natural? Mine feels hard and numb.
06 February 2016
I am 50 i just got a rx for viagra and took 2 pills 200 mg and had the best erection ever then the sex with my wife Nina was fun and i got my erection into her g spot
Patty Lusk
03 November 2015
Linda, huff instead of cough and bend over while sitting and reach out forward and blow out really hard. This position allow more air to escape your lung that maybe trapped.
22 October 2014
i can do my homework besause this iformation
24 September 2014
The blood preassure is normal but bisoprolol 0,25 I am taking on regular basic for occasional arrythmia..It doesn't always stop those episode. Than I take another 0.25.The arrythmia could not stop sometimes for an hours.iIt became prolong period of time than was before. Still reluctant to take Amiadorone,which helps initially,than arrythmia return.
02 May 2014
Roncilla, Roncilla, As a pharmacist, I get thus question a lot. It is recommended that you open the bottle and put the tablets into something wet in the garbage, such as coffee grounds or oatmeal and then place it into something else such as a cereal box, etc. This will dissolve the medication and make it unpalatable for pets or others dumpster surfers. If pets have access to the garbage also put it into a ziplock bag to hide the smell. People medications can be fatal for pets. If you flush it down the toilet it will make its way back into the water supply. This has become a big issue in recent years.
16 April 2014
Hi I'm a new user of Yasmin. I would like to know if I can take green coffee bean tablets why'll using Yasmin and can I take panadeine.

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