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13 November 2012
when i read all about the bacteria i about it when i saw the video and pictures i get too scared that maybe there was in my body
14 October 2012
thank u sir/mam....its very informative.... and very useful too. i got to know the main difference between bells palsy and facial palsy.
01 October 2012
It is a pity, but this drug has no effect at all (now I am speaking about my experience). My breathing turned for the worst. Also I was presented with diarrhea; in addition my appetite and taste were reduced.
23 August 2012
In my 22 I had hair loss. The medicine helped me in one week (after I started to use it). No more hair loss. Even if I deliberately start to pull hair out! So I can only add that the medicine works but little by little! I needed for it four months, so be patient!
22 August 2012
I tried different types of drugs which reduce levels of cholesterol in the blood. I began with Mevacor and then tested variety of other drugs. But I did not like them (first of all because of muscle aches), so I decided to use Mevacor.
09 August 2012
I have only good impressions! Thirty pounds in three months! And I am glad that I didn’t gain the lost weight again. Now my aim to lose forty (or more) pounds! Yes you will have some side effects but you will teach how to cope with them! So don’t hesitate the drug is amazing!
29 July 2012
Five years I have suffered from GERD and erosive esophagitis. I tried so many medications, but I didn't feel any improvements. Prevacid has been the best (it has worked long period of time and most compatible with control of appetite).
25 July 2012
In the case of a patient having a myocardial infarction, treatment is surgery or may be drug? My father is having symptoms and has already marked this cardiologist.

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