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Constipation - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Constipation is a situation that occurs when the patient evacuates heavily and infrequently, usually less than 3 times a week and need to make great efforts to that feces able to pass.
Constipation   Article saved: 02 November 2015
Contact dermatitis on hand
Contact Dermatitis - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment   (1 comments) Contact dermatitis, also known as contact eczema or allergic dermatitis, is, as its name says, an inflammation of the skin that occurs when it comes into contact with a substance that causes allergy or irritation.
Allergies   Article saved: 10 July 2016
Contact lens
Contact Lenses - Types and Care The use of contact lenses has gained much popularity over the past two decades. It is estimated that currently more than 130 million people worldwide use them frequently.
Eye diseases   Article saved: 16 April 2018
Contraceptive Harms Menstruating? What is the woman who, at least once in their life, not wished he could stop menstruating? The idea of being able to remain fertile, healthy and never have to go through the monthly discomforts of menstruation is something very tempting to most women. However, the safety of the suppression of menstruation has always been a factor that prevented the realization of this desire.
Sexual Health   Article saved: 23 May 2016
Cough - Causes and Treatment Cough is one of the most common symptoms found in medical practice. Besides being a sign of a possible respiratory disease, cough is also a vital defense mechanism of our airways. In this paper we explain how the cough arises and what its causes.
Lungs diseases   Article saved: 04 July 2013
Cramps - Causes and Treatment Night cramps, leg cramps, frequent cramps, bananas for cramps... This paper will explain what cramp is, why it arises and how to prevent its occurrence.
General Health   Article saved: 10 April 2013
Creatine supplements
Creatine Supplements is Bad? Creatine supplements began to be used by athletes in the early 1980s, gaining great popularity in the following decade after extensive media disclosure of their use by athletes winning the gold medal at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.
Nutrition   Article saved: 09 April 2018
Larva migrans symptoms
Cutaneous Larva Migrans - Transmission, Symptoms and Treatment Cutaneous larva migrans, is an infection caused by larvae of parasites that live in the intestines of dogs and cats, such as the helminths Ancylostoma braziliense or Ancylostoma caninum.
Parasite   Article saved: 13 May 2017
Vomiting syndrome
Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome Cyclic vomiting syndrome is a disorder known since the 19th century, characterized by recurrent and intense episodes of vomiting, with no apparent cause being determined. The bouts of vomiting come and go, but during the break, the patient is perfectly healthy and without complaints.
Gastrointestinal   Article saved: 24 March 2017
Cytomegalovirus in pregnancy
Cytomegalovirus in Pregnancy - IgG and IgM Cytomegalovirus, CMV also known by the acronym, is one of the herpes family of viruses, extremely common, capable of causing an infection called cytomegalovirus. In some populations, especially in developing countries, the number of adults who have had contact with the virus approaches 100%. Even in countries such as Finland and the United States, the percentage of adults infected with CMV is greater than 80%.
Pregnancy   Article saved: 20 October 2015
Deafness and hearing aid
Deafness in Elderly - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment The famous deafness of the elderly is caused by the natural hearing loss that occurs with aging; this change is called in presbycusis medicine. Presbycusis is a multifactorial disease characterized by progressive loss of hearing in both ears throughout life. This hearing impairment usually affects the high frequencies of the hearing.
Otolaryngology   Article saved: 18 July 2017
Deep vein thrombosis
Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) - Risk, Symptoms and Treatment Thrombosis is a medical term indicating the formation of a blood clot within a blood vessel, causing severe limitation or interruption of blood flow therein. Thrombosis may occur in arteries and is called arterial thrombosis, or in the veins, which is called venous thrombosis.
General Health   Article saved: 14 July 2016

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