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Delirium - Mental Confusion in Elderly Delirium, also called acute confusional state, is a serious disturbance of the patient's mental function, characterized by disturbances of consciousness, with reduced concentration, memory alterations, mental confusion and altered perception of the environment. The onset of delirium is usually sudden, evolving within hours or a few days.
Mental Health   Article saved: 22 August 2017
Depression - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Depression, also called major depressive disorder or unipolar depression, is a psychiatric disorder capable of causing numerous psychological and physical symptoms. Its most well-known symptom is a deep and prolonged sadness, which does not mean that all sadness is necessarily related to a picture of depression.
Depression   Article saved: 08 August 2017
Diabetes test
Diabetes Mellitus - Symptoms, Types and Diagnosis   (2 comments) Learn how to identify symptoms and what values indicate diabetes. This disease occurs when there is an accumulation of glucose in the blood due to the inability of cells to consume it for energy production.
Diabetes   Article saved: 05 March 2012
Diabetic foot ulcer
Diabetic Foot - Causes and Symptoms Diabetic foot is a term that encompasses the diseases and alterations that frequently occur in patients with diabetes mellitus. Diabetic foot, if not recognized and treated in time, can progress to severe complications, provoking from the formation of deep and extensive ulcers to the need for amputation of the foot.
Diabetes   Article saved: 19 October 2017
Diabetes mellitus test
Diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus This text will address the blood tests performed for the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus and for the monitoring of blood glucose levels. We will talk, among others, about fasting glycemia, postprandial glycemia, glycated hemoglobin and fructosamine.
Diabetes   Article saved: 16 May 2018
Diaper dermatitis
Diaper Dermatitis - Causes, Prevention and Treatment The diaper dermatitis, popularly called roasting, is a baby skin irritation, which appears in the areas covered by the diaper, usually by prolonged contact with feces or urine. The diaper dermatitis is a very common phenomenon and does not necessarily indicate parental neglect with baby hygiene.
Skin diseases   Article saved: 29 June 2016
Diarrhea - Causes and Treatment   (1 comments) Diarrhoea is one of those diseases that everyone has at least once during their lifetime. Most people with at least one episode per year.
Gastrointestinal   Article saved: 21 March 2012
Smoker and radiation
Did You Know Cigarettes are Radioactive? The ordinary cigarette is a product composed initially of about 600 different substances. I say initially because, when lit, the combustion process generates a huge amount of new substances, making a single cigarette and its smoke contains over 7,000 different chemicals. Of these, 400 are notoriously toxic and at least 70 are known carcinogens, that is capable of causing cancer.
Lungs diseases   Article saved: 19 January 2016
Treatment of hepatic steatosis
Diet and Treatment of Hepatic Steatosis Fatty liver, also called fatty liver, is a disease, as its name says, caused by the accumulation of fat in liver cells.
Liver diseases   Article saved: 04 June 2016
Potassium sources
Diet for Patients with Renal Failure on Hemodialysis* Renal insufficiency is the term used to define the disease in which the kidneys are no longer able to perform their functions satisfactorily. Renal failure may be acute, when it occurs suddenly and lasts less than 3 months, or chronic when loss of renal function is persistent and progressive. For more details, read:
Kidney diseases   Article saved: 07 April 2018
Lower cholesterol food
Diet to Lower High Cholesterol Lifestyle changes, including regular exercise and proper diet, are important measures for controlling cholesterol levels. In individuals with only slightly elevated cholesterol levels, simple dietary changes can reduce or even prevent the use of cholesterol medications.
Cholesterol   Article saved: 07 February 2018
Cancer risk factors
Diet to Prevent Cancer There are an estimated 13 million new cases of cancer annually and 8 million deaths worldwide. Many of these cases, unfortunately, are due to currently preventable tumors.
Nutrition   Article saved: 15 August 2017

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