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Anemia - Symptoms, Causes and Diagnosis Anemia is one of the most common disorders in medicine. Despite being a common condition, it is often misdiagnosed, mistreated and often poorly explained to patients.
Blood & vessels   Article saved: 23 December 2012
Symptoms of anemia and leukemia
Anemia Can Cause Leukemia? One of the most common questions in the population is about the risk of anemia cause leukemia, especially if not properly treated. But ultimately, anemia can turn leukemia?
Blood & vessels   Article saved: 22 December 2015
Angina: Pharyngitis and Tonsillitis   (2 comments) Neck pain, one of the most common symptoms of angina in medical practice, both in adults and in children, generally arises due to a frame of pharyngitis and/or tonsillitis.
Otolaryngology   Article saved: 12 April 2012
Angular cheilitis symptoms
Angular Cheilitis - Symptoms, Causes and Treatment Angular cheilitis, popularly referred to as mouthwash, is that common painful wound that occurs in the corner of the mouth. The mouthwash is a common acne, characterized by inflammation and fissure of the angle of the lips.
Bacterial infections   Article saved: 26 May 2017
Bacterial infection
Antibiotics - Types, Strength and Directions The advent of antibiotics in the late 1920s revolutionized science and medicine was brought into the modern era.
Bacterial infections   Article saved: 27 February 2012
Antibiotics and birth control pills
Antibiotics Cuts Effect of Birth Control? For a long time the antibiotics were considered the great villains of women taking the pill. The lack of scientific studies exclusively developed to research the interaction between antibiotics and the pill, combined with occasional reports of oral contraceptive failure after the use of certain antibiotics, have helped to create, even within the medical profession, the myth that not could mix antibiotics and hormonal contraceptives.
General Health   Article saved: 28 December 2015
Antibiotics in pregnancy
Antibiotics in Pregnancy - Safe or Dangerous? Pregnant women can take antibiotics? Antibiotics are safe during pregnancy? What to do when pregnant have an infection and need treatment?
Pregnancy   Article saved: 02 January 2016
Antidepressants - Escitalopram, Fluoxetine, Sertraline   (2 comments) The antidepressant drug is a source indicated in the treatment of psychiatric disorders in the state of mind and mood. Despite its name, the depression is not its only indication.
Depression   Article saved: 17 February 2012
Normal and apnea sleep
Apnea Sleep - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Sleep apnea, also known as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a disorder caused by frequent partial or complete obstruction of the airway during sleep, which leads to recurrent episodes of breathing cessation while the patient sleeps.
Insomnia   Article saved: 16 November 2015
Ascaris Lumbricoides female and male
Ascariasis - Ascaris Lumbricoides The ascariasis is an intestinal parasitic disease caused by helminth Ascaris lumbricoides, a worm that can get to measure up to 40 cm long. Estimates suggest that, worldwide, more than 1 billion people are infected with Ascaris lumbricoides, but many of them unaware of this fact because it does not have relevant symptoms.
Parasite   Article saved: 05 July 2016
Aspirin (ASA) - Side Effects and Indications The acetylsalicylic acid called abbreviated ASA, is a salicylate drug group on the market since 1899 under the trade name Aspirin, released by the German company Bayer.
Pain   Article saved: 12 January 2013
Inflamed bronchus
Asthma - Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment Asthma is a common respiratory disease caused by an inflammation of the small air passages of the lungs, called bronchioles.
Asthma   Article saved: 09 June 2016

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