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Dyspepsia - Symptoms of Upset Stomach Dyspepsia is name used to describe a variety of symptoms arising in the stomach, which include burning, stomach pain, indigestion, upset stomach, fullness, bloating, distended stomach, etc.
Gastrointestinal   Article saved: 28 September 2012
Dysphagia - Difficulty Swallowing Dysphagia is the medical term used when patients report trouble swallowing. Dysphagia is not necessarily associated with pain to swallow, but rather to a subjective sense of difficulty in making food go down the path between the mouth and stomach. Pain swallowing sore throat is called and is usually related to frames of sore throat. Sore throat and dysphagia are different symptoms that may occur in different diseases, hence the importance of knowing how to distinguish them.
General Health   Article saved: 01 October 2015
Pain during urination
Dysuria - Pain During Urination - Main Causes Pain while urinating (or burning when urinating) is one of the most common symptoms in clinical practice, receiving the name of dysuria in the medical environment. Most people relate the pain to urinating only with a urinary tract infection, but several other urinary or gynecological problems can cause this type of symptom.
Urology   Article saved: 03 August 2018
Early menopause
Early Menopause - Causes and Treatment The two ovaries in women are organs that belong at the same time to the reproductive system and the endocrine system. By the part of the reproductive system, they are responsible for the maturation and release of the ovule to be fertilized, while for the endocrinological part, they are responsible for the production of the female sex hormones. The joint performance of both functions is responsible for the menstrual cycle during the reproductive years.
Menopause   Article saved: 30 March 2017
Ebola virus
Ebola Virus - Transmission, Symptoms and Treatment Haemorrhagic fever Ebola, better known as Ebola, is a severe viral disease discovered in the 1970s in central Africa. The Ebola mortality rate is as high as 90% depending on the virulence of the strain, the immune system of the patient and the health conditions of the sites affected by outbreaks.
Bacterial infections   Article saved: 16 March 2016
Blood pressure measurement
Eclampsia and Pre-Eclampsia - Symptoms, Causes and Treatment Eclampsia and pre-eclampsia are serious complications of pregnancy, which may occur during the second half of pregnancy, usually after 20 weeks of pregnancy. In some women, eclampsia or pre-eclampsia may occur only during work or even after the baby is born.
Hypertension   Article saved: 19 March 2018
Normal and ectopic pregnancy
Ectopic Pregnancy - Symptoms and Treatment Ectopic pregnancy is a problem that arises when the fertilized egg implants itself wrongly in other structures than the uterus. The most common form of ectopic pregnancy is tubal pregnancy, which occurs within the fallopian tubes.
Pregnancy   Article saved: 13 September 2016
Male condom
Effectiveness of Male Condom The male condom, popularly known as a condom, is the most widely used contraceptive method in the world. The condom has a great advantage over other methods: it helps prevent not only pregnancy but also the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
Sexual Health   Article saved: 29 June 2018
Endometriosis - Symptoms and Treatment Endometriosis is a disease characterized by the presence of uterine tissue in regions of the body other than the uterus, usually in the pelvis, ovaries or intestines.
Sexual Health   Article saved: 25 June 2013
Epilepsy and Seizure - Symptoms and Treatment   (2 comments) Learn what epilepsy is, why it occurs, what its manifestations and understand the difference between convulsions (seizures) and epilepsy.
Seizures   Article saved: 06 May 2012
Erysipelas and Cellulite - Symptoms, Causes and Treatment Erysipelas and cellulitis are two infections with similar characteristics that develop when bacteria can overcome the skin barrier, invading and infecting the subcutaneous tissues.
Skin diseases   Article saved: 04 April 2018

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