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Mosquito bites
How to Treat Mosquito Bites The mosquito is a flying insect that feeds on blood from vertebrate animals, including humans. There are hundreds of species of mosquitoes, some of them capable of transmitting diseases to man, such as dengue and yellow fever.
Parasite   Article saved: 09 February 2018
Stuffy nose
How to Treat Stuffy Nose Nasal congestion, popularly called stuffy nose or a cold nose, is a very common symptom of various diseases of the upper respiratory system. The stuffy nose itself is not a disease but a clinical manifestation of a disease, usually rhinitis and / or sinusitis.
General Health   Article saved: 15 December 2016
Syringe with vaccine
How Vaccines Work The vaccines act by stimulating the immune system to produce antibodies, which can fight infectious diseases, making the individual immune to them.
General Health   Article saved: 04 August 2017
Human Papillomavirus - Symptoms, Transmission and Treatment Human papillomavirus, better known by the acronym HPV is a virus that can be transmitted by sexual contact or by direct contact with skin.
Sexual Health   Article saved: 14 October 2015
Vaccine or chastity belt
Human Papillomavirus Vaccine - Efficacy, Purposes and Indications Human Papillomavirus, more commonly known by the acronym HPV is a virus transmitted through sexual contact, can cause genital warts and cervical cancer, anus, penis and oropharynx.
STD   Article saved: 01 June 2016
Human rabies
Human Rabies - Transmission and Vaccine Rabies is a zoonosis (disease transmitted from animals to humans) caused by a virus. It is one of the most serious diseases known, with a mortality rate of almost 100%. No other infectious disease has so high mortality rate.
Bacterial infections   Article saved: 24 March 2013
Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating) - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Hyperhidrosis is a state in which the body produces a volume of sweat disproportionate to the physiological needs for the regulation of body temperature, that is, the patient perspires excessively and without reason.
General Health   Article saved: 21 August 2018
Hypertension - Symptoms and Treatment   (3 comments) Hypertension is a disease spread over the world, affecting about one third of the adult population. In recent decades the number of hypertensive patients has been increasing due to such factors as increased life expectancy, higher incidence of obesity, inactivity and poor eating habits.
Hypertension   Article saved: 22 February 2016
Hypertension control
Hypertension Control Difficulty Arterial hypertension is difficult to control, it is also called resistant hypertension. It is one that cannot be controlled even with multiple antihypertensive medications, causing a high risk of cardiovascular disease.
Hypertension   Article saved: 18 August 2013
Hypertension in pregnancy
Hypertension In Pregnancy - Gestational Hypertension Hypertension is the most common health problem among pregnant and is present in about 10-15% of pregnant women. A pregnant may have hypertension in pregnancy is because it was hypertensive before pregnancy or because they developed high blood pressure during their pregnancy.
Hypertension   Article saved: 08 October 2015
Very high blood pressure
Hypertensive Crisis - Very High Blood Pressure Hypertension is a chronic and silent disease that causes lesions in various organs of the body slowly and progressively. In general, it takes several years of poorly controlled blood pressure until the patient begins to show irreversible damage, such as damage to the heart, kidneys, brain and eyes.
Hypertension   Article saved: 19 March 2016
Hyperthyroidism - Symptoms, Causes and Treatment Hyperthyroidism, which main cause is Graves' disease, is a condition when there is an inappropriate functioning of the thyroid gland (also called thyroid), leading to an overproduction of hormones.
Hypothyroidism   Article saved: 02 April 2013

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